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Hot Chinese Mustard

Oriental Wok’s spicy mustard lets you create delicious Chinese dishes at home. Delicious, full flavored Asian mustard spices up all your favorite foods. Available at 1500 Marketplace Krogers nationwide.

Use for dips, dressings, glazes, sausage meats, specialty sandwiches and anything else that may need a special kick.



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Perfect Fried Rice Seasoning

We have developed the easiest way to achieve Perfect Fried Rice at home.

This sauce is unique to Oriental Wok. Simply add 1 tablespoon of Perfect Fried Rice Seasoning to 1 cup of cooked white rice and stir. It's just that easy to create Oriental Wok's famous fried rice in your own kitchen.

For traditional Chinese fried rice add eggs, onions and bean sprouts.

Our course you can add your favorite meat and vegetables to create your own Perfect Fried Rice.

Click here for recipe

General Wong's Sauce

Mike Wong’s signature spicy sauce lets you create delicious Chinese stirfry at home. It’s perfect with chicken, shrimp, pork & beef.

Don't limit yourself to General Wong's chicken This sauce is perfect base for ginger beef (you add the ginger) or Orange Chicken (you add the orange).

Try brushing it on salmon filet or steak on the grill for great spicy, sweet flavor! General Sauce makes the best spicy chicken wings, too! This exclusive restaurant recipe is excellent with so many foods!

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Sesame Sauce

Our Sesame Sauce is now available for you to take home and create your own special dinners.

This is the exact sauce we use at Oriental Wok, but don't stop with Sesame Chicken. This sweet tangy sauce is ideal for Shrimp and Beef.

Try brushing it on Salmon or Chicken breasts before grilling.

Once you try this sauce we are sure you will know why it is our best seller.

Click here for a recipe

Volcano Sauce

Don't let the name scare you. Sure, it's a little spicy but it is also sweet with the fresh aroma of fresh garlic and chilis.

Amazing garlic chili sauce spices up everything! Enjoy this sauce with chicken, pork or seafood. Oriental Wok’s popular Volcano sauce is great for dipping crispy crab rangoon & fried won tons.

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Sweet & Sour Sauce

This is the very same Sweet & Sour Sauce enjoyed by guests at Mike Wong's Oriental Wok for over 3 decades.

Now this special family recipe is yours to enjoy at home. Made with real apples, oranges, and pineapple juice, it is delicious with many foods.

Try it stirfried with crispy battered chicken, shrimp, or pork. Because it is designed to be used hot or cold, it is also a delicious dipping sauce for your egg rolls.

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