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click here to get your own Oriental Wok sauces!
click here to get your own Oriental Wok sauces!

With the introduction of our Sauce Collection, our recipes have become much easier, and more accurate, for you to reproduce at home. We've taken the step of sauce-making out of the recipes and put it in a bottle! Please, let us know what recipe you want. We'll do our best to get it online for everyone to enjoy.

Cook Like A WokStar!

These recipes use our new Sauce Collection as ingredients:

Egg Rolls

General Wong's Chicken

Perfect Fried Rice

Sesame Chicken

Volcano Chicken



Other recipes:


5-spice Shrimp & Squid

Panfried Lo Mein with Pork

Orange Chicken

Mango Pudding

Grey Sole Stirfry

Crab Rangoon

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